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We know the broadcasting industry and we know not only the issues that are important to broadcast talent, but also how to represent and protect their interests. We offer each client personalized services, from a customized job search and contract negotiation to career management and consultation.​

R.E.E has represented me since 1994 and has changed my life, at least from a financial standpoint. If R.E.E represents you, he cares about you like family. My big beef with Bob is that he cares so much that he works way too much. Clark 

R.E.E. provides full-service, individualized representation of talent and off-air professionals in the entertainment industry. With offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and its staff of highly trained and experienced agents, R.E.E. is uniquely equipped to serve the needs of elite talent. R.E.E.'s clientele span the nation, performing in national venues, major markets and also in smaller markets..​

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