About Robert Eatman Enterprises, Inc.

Founder Robert Eatman, who passed away in September 2017, established Robert Eatman Enterprises, Inc. (“REE") in 1991.  REE quickly rose to the top rank of representation agencies, and Robert was recognized as the preeminent radio talent agent.  He nurtured, developed, and enhanced the careers of numerous top radio personalities, many of whom were (or still are) household names.  His brother and business partner, agent/attorney Ross Eatman, worked on many major radio deals (some with Bob, others independently) while also helming the television news and programming agency in which Bob shared responsibilities.   Their values and practices are reflected in REE’s representation.  REE is committed to: serving its clients’ interests; offering each client individualized service; rendering advice and consultation about any and all matters relating to their career; negotiating excellent contracts; and doing so with loyalty, integrity, and professionalism.


Radio Programming 

We represent top morning radio personalities and radio talk show hosts around the country, and count among them syndicated personalities and some of the biggest names in the business. Our reputation and successful track record in radio ensure our continued access to the leading industry decision-makers and afford us with an insider track to major local, network, and syndication opportunities. Our work has given us a comprehensive understanding of contract standards and practices of all major broadcast owners, and we employ this knowledge to protect the interest of our clients. In addition to negotiating countless major market radio deals, we have originated and negotiated groundbreaking syndication, satellite, and multi-platform agreements to expand our clients’ opportunities and to embrace new technologies. Our advocacy involves more than contract, financial, and security matters. We are involved in and attentive to our clients’ work environment, staffing, resources, and promotions. We are invested in the personal and professional growth and success of our clients.

Television News and Programming

Robert and Ross Eatman also founded Eatman Media Services, Inc. (“EMS”), a talent agency that represents television news and programming talent. EMS has clients in almost all of the top 25 markets and at the major broadcast and cable news networks. EMS devotes much of its placement and negotiation efforts to Top 25 and network positions. EMS’ work and extensive involvement and contacts in television have proved valuable in their representation of radio talent.